Subsidiary Growth Support

Subsidiary Growth Support

  • Patent Strategy
  • Technology Transfer
  • Start-up
  • Fund Operation
  • Company Growth Support

Support Program for Growth after Start-up

01. Brand Application Support

Use of the Yonsei Brand in Subsidiary Products

Use of the Yonsei Brand in Subsidiary Name

ex) Subsidiary of Yonsei Technology Holdings, “OO Company”

02.Marketing & Business Support

Open Online or Offline Store in Yonsei University Coop

Domestic & Foreign Exhibition Participation Support for Marketing

03.Human Resources Support

Legal / Accounting / Labor Consulting

Start-up Professional Human Resource Support (Labor Cost Support, etc.)

04. Start-up Space Support
  • Songdo Campus' Subsidiary Incubator
  • Sinchon Campus' Subsidiary Incubator
    in Yonsei Engineering Research Park
 Start-up Space Support 
Division Pre-BI BI Post-BI
Occupancy Target Less than 3 years after Starting a Business 3~6 years after Starting a Business 6 years after Starting a Business
Occupancy Period 1 year 1 year 1 year
Occupancy Space 3 Pyeong(9.91㎡) 15 Pyeong(66.11㎡) 50 Pyeong(165.28㎡)
Number of Spaces 4 4 1
Offered Facilities Office Supplies - -
Burden of Expenses Rental Expenses : Technology Holdings
Management Expenses: Start-up Company
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Space support for Pre-BI targets on a trial basis from 2019, and Planning for step-by-step space support by securing additional space in the future.

05. Financial Support
  • 01

    Direct investment of Yonsei Technology Holdings

    • Cash Investment / Equity
    • Investment in kind(patent) / Equity
  • 02

    Investment of Yonsei Technology Holdings Operating Funds

    • Private Investment Fund (YUTH 1/2/3/4)
    • Venture Fund (Yonsei Technology Startup Venture Fund)
  • 03

    TIPS Program Operation

    • Discovery / Investment of Promising Start-up Companies
    • Matching Support for Investment Companies in R&D Funds
  • 04

    Linking Loans to Korea Technology Finance Corporation U-Tech

    • Provide Guarantee Recommendations to the Korea Technology Finance Corporation (guarantee up to 3 billion KRW)
  • 05

    Linking to External Private Investments

    • Linkage to Alumni VCs (MOU with 11 YVC companies)
    • Yonsei Technology Holdings Investment Partner Organizations